‘I tried instant noodles that were so spicy I almost went deaf for a few days’

(Image: Reemul Balla/MyLondon)

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What's your limit when it comes to spicy foods?

Do you blanch at the idea of adding jalapeños to your nachos or are you the kind of person who really likes to turn up the heat?

Well, one man who always believed he had a pretty good relationship with spice, recently discovered his limit the hard way after trying a packet of Samyang Korean Spicy Noodles from Amazon.

Reemul Balla, a writer for My London, shared the uncomfortable experience with the publication, telling how the snack caused him pain and claiming that he even temporarily lost his hearing in one ear.

He went on to brand the dish "noodles of death" and warned others to try them at their own peril.

Reemul dubbed them 'noodles of death'
(Image: Reemul Balla/MyLondon)

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Writing for MyLondon, he said: "Coming from a Mauritian family, getting acquainted with spicy food early on in life is a rite of passage.

"When I watched a video of famous YouTuber, Matt Stonie, devouring 15 packs of Samyang Korean Spicy Noodles (and struggling to hold down the heat), I had an insatiable urge to try them out for myself.

"I bought a red pack of the 2x spicy hot chicken flavour off Amazon.

"It was delicious and the flavour was deep and strong… but then the inferno hit me.

"My teeth felt numb and my throat closed up as the lava trickled down into my stomach."

Would you try this?
(Image: Reemul Balla/MyLondon)

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Not wanting to give up after just one mouthful, Reemul persevered and kept on eating.

However, he only managed to consume half the bowl and was left feeling pretty disappointed with himself.

"My body felt numb, especially my fingers. My insides were hot as was my face. I was fanning myself down with my hands at one point," he explained.

"The next day I felt a sharp pain in my left ear whenever I touched it, which worsened as the day went on. By evening it was hurting so much that I felt I'd contracted an ear infection.

Try these at your own peril
(Image: Reemul Balla/MyLondon)

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"It hurt when I opened my jaw and my hearing from that side had become impaired, so I applied a couple of drops of olive oil to hopefully alleviate the block and pain.

"Over the weekend I still couldn’t hear well out of my left ear and some ringing had started."

He Googled his symptoms and found a video blogger had experienced something similar after eating killer spicy noodles from Indonesia.

It turns out, the chilli had loosened up the mucous membranes in his nose and throat and blocked his Eustachian tubes, creating the sensation of not being able to hear properly.

The pain went away after three days and his hearing began to return to normal, but by that point the lesson had been learned.

"I definitely know my limit now," he added.

"If you wish to try these noodles of death, you can find them online, but do so at your peril."

Would you try the incredibly spicy noodles? Let us know in the comments below.

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