Smart locks: Convenience comes with security doubts

By Padraig Belton
Technology of Business reporter

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For Candace Nelson, finding out about smart locks from a friend "really was a game changer".

People like her, who live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), often feel a need to perform routines like washing their hands, counting things or checking a door is locked.

"I have quite a few times nearly made it to work and couldn't remember if I locked the door, so I'd turn around," she says.

On other occasions she has driven for an hour before turning back. "My brain will not stop until I know for sure," explains Miss Nelson, who works for the Girl Scouts in Charleston, West Virginia.

But in September she installed a door lock that she can monitor from her smartphone.

"Being able to just look at my phone and feel that sense of comfort really helps put me at ease," she says.

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