Singapore: Why these defiant ‘nail house’ owners refuse to sell

By Yvette Tan
BBC News, Singapore

Publishedduration1 hour agoshareSharenocloseShare pagelinkCopy linkAbout sharingimage captionFrom reel life to this real life scenario in Singapore

It is hard to miss the two little houses sitting defiantly in the middle of the Singapore building site.

It's instantly reminiscent of the award-winning cartoon Up, the Pixar film which tells the tale of an old man who refuses to move from his home as towering blocks of flats rise around him.

Indeed, the owners of these two homes are just as determined to stay put, refusing offers reportedly worth millions to move elsewhere.

But unlike the cartoon hero, who eventually floats off to a new life, the owners of these houses – dubbed "nail houses", as they refuse to be hammered down – are going nowhere.

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