Australian scientists map millions of galaxies with new telescope

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Australian scientists say they have mapped a million new galaxies using an advanced telescope in the desert.

The CSIRO, the national science agency, said its new telescope had created "a new atlas of the universe" in record time – showing unprecedented detail.

It mapped three million galaxies in total, with pictures revealing twice the level of detail of previous surveys, the study said.

Astronomers hope the images will lead to new discoveries about the universe.

The CSIRO said the mapping took just 300 hours, whereas previous all-sky surveys had taken years.

With the data publicly available, scientists around the world would be able to study "everything from star formation to how galaxies and their super-massive black hole evolve and interact", said lead author Dr David McConnell.

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"We expect to find tens of millions of new galaxies in future surveys," he added.

The initial results were published on Tuesday in the Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia.

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