Heavy D’s last video one week before death as he spoke about getting arrested

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Celebrity Big Brother star Heavy D addressed his loyal fans in an energetic video just one week before his sudden death.

The Storage Hunters star – real name Colin Newell – died this week at the age of 43, his friend confirmed.

His friend Nick Nevern posted on Twitter today: "I’m very shocked & saddened to hear of the passing of my friend @HeavyHeavyd.

"u lived ur life the way u wanted to & f**k anyone who didn’t like it! U always brought a smile to my face bro & lifted any room you where in. #RIPHeavyD."

Heavy D, who was also known by the nickname Boominator, regularly posted videos under the moniker on YouTube.

In his last one, posted on November 14, he shared a story about the time he was arrested at a boxing match.

Heavy D posted a video one week before his death
(Image: Youtube)

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While driving in his car, he spoke into a camera sat on the dashboard.

He said it happened not long after he'd got the call to say he was going on Celebrity Big Brother.

He says he was warned by producers to stay out of trouble in the run up to the series, or he'd risk losing his place in the famous house.

"Easier said than done," he quipped as he shared his tale.

He said he was invited to a boxing match with Storage Hunters co-star Sean Kelly.

He said other celebrities, including One Direction's Liam Payne were there.

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He shared a story about being arrested at a boxing match
(Image: Youtube)

Heavy D said when they were at the event, he wanted to "take his chances" walking through the crowd to the VIP section and that he said he knew how to deal with the crowds.

"Keep your nut down and just walk," he said. "Do not stop for photos because if you stop for one you'll be there all f**king night."

Heavy said he told them to follow his lead and not make eye contact with anyone so they could get to the VIP area.

But they were spotted and less than a minute later, fans started screaming their names and formed a huge crowd around them to ask for photos.

He said the police or "Old Bill" as he put it were there just watching and laughing.

Heavy D was on CBB in 2016
(Image: Getty Images)

Heavy said he was trying to keep them moving through the crowd when someone grabbed him and got him in a headlock and tried to get it on video.

He said: "I said 'what's happening?' He's trying to mug me off on film, on camera. I'm not having it. I've turned round and said to the Old Bill 'what are you going to do about this?' Nothing.

"So I turned round and went … gave him a slap around the face, yeah."

Heavy said it wasn't his "proudest moment" or "finest hour" but that "everybody's got a breaking point".

He said he felt he had "no choice" because someone was trying to mug him off on film and that he had to make a "quick decision" over whether to react or let the guy "take the p**s" out of him.

Heavy spoke to his fans while driving his car
(Image: Youtube)

He went on: "I chose plan B, I gave him a little slap, he backed off, Old Bill went 'right, you're nicked!'

"I said, 'what do you mean I'm nicked? You've been standing there for the last 10 minutes, you've done f**k all. I react, he's got me in the headlock which is assault, I react by giving him a little slap and you want to nick me?'"

Heavy said he was put in handcuffs and taken away from the event and to a police station, at which point he began to worry about his upcoming stint on CBB.

He said he told police he had "something big coming up" although he couldn't say what because he'd signed a non-disclosure agreement.

He said the lesson was to be strong when people are trying to get a rise out of you
(Image: Instagram)

He said he didn't want "that little p***k" to spoil it for him and that he tried to get the police to identify with him by pointing out that people often film them without their permission too while they're going about their jobs.

Heavy says he asked how it was "fair" that he was being arrested as it would affect his work.

He said he eventually came clean, telling officers: "Listen mate, I'm going in Celebrity Big Brother in a couple of months and that's why I don't want any bad publicity or any charges or nothing like that."

He said the officer told him it was his "lucky day" and that he'd only be given a £40 fine and nothing would go on his record.

He ended the video by telling his fans they had to be "strong" when people try to get a reaction out of them.

Heavy D's cause of death is not yet known.

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