Former Eton teacher found guilty of sex offences against pupils

A former Eton College housemaster has been been found guilty of a string of sex offences against pupils in his care.

Matthew Mowbray, 49, who taught geography at the world famous Berkshire school, was convicted of eight counts of sexual activity with a child following a trial at Reading Crown Court.

The trial heard how Mowbray, who taught at the school for around 20-years, had touched the boys inappropriately during late night visits to their rooms.

The court heard how he regularly entered pupils’ rooms claiming he needed to talk about schoolwork and, while sitting on their beds, touched or stroked their arms or legs.

The abuse came to light when one of the victim’s friends raised concerns with another housemaster. 

During the subsequent investigation allegations concerning other boys also emerged.

It also emerged during the trial that Mowbray had been warned about his nocturnal visits to the pupils by a female member of staff at the school. 

When detectives examined Mowbray’s computer they discovered hundreds of indecent images of children, including a number where a student’s head had been superimposed on downloaded indecent images of children. 

Police also recovered a series of secretly filmed images of a pupil getting undressed in his bedroom.

Mowbray admitted having downloaded the indecent images, making pseudo-images and the secret recording, 

But he denied eight counts of sexual activity with a child against four boys at the college. 

The jury returned guilty verdicts on all eight charges.

Marc Thompson of the Crown Prosecution Service said: “Mowbray’s victims described feeling uncomfortable with his nocturnal visits to their rooms. Whilst not overtly sexual acts, they knew the touching was wrong, but were at a loss to know what to do.”

“Mowbray’s intentions became clear with the discovery of the indecent images on his computer, it was through this evidence we were able to prove to the jury that the manner in which he touched the boys was intended to satisfy his own sexual desires.

“This has been a distressing experience for the victims who were let down by someone they should have been able to trust. We thank them for their help during the investigation and for their courage in giving evidence which has helped to secure today’s convictions.”

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