The film crews being directed from a continent away

By Richard Baimbridge
Business reporter

Publishedduration21 minutes agoimage copyrightAldiimage captionAldi's 2020 Christmas advert was shot in London, with the two directors calling the shots from New York

In a production studio in Kiev, Ukraine, a film director sits in front of a computer screen and yells, "Action!"

Some 7,500 km (4,660 miles) away in Shanghai, China, his assistant relays the message to the crew filming a TV advertisement for Mercedes-Benz.

Meanwhile, in Germany, executives from the carmaker are watching on in real time.

When the world first went into lockdown back in the spring, it shut down many film productions around the globe, be it for movies, or the advertising sector. Quarantine and social distancing rules, plus airlines grinding to a halt, more often made filming impossible.

But thanks to an increased roll-out of technology, remote filming is now growing in popularity. Assorted software systems mean that only a skeleton team is required on the ground, while the director and other colleagues can be on a different continent.

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