Channing Tatum Reuniting With Lord And Miller For Monster Movie

Having enjoyed big success with the two Jump Street films, you might have expected Channing Tatum to reunite fully with directors/writers/producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (yes, we're including the fact that Tatum voices Superman in the Lego movies). He is, at last, joining up with the pair for a mysterious monster movie at Universal.

The major details are under wraps right now as things are still at an early stage, but it's apparently a modern-day, tongue-in-cheek thriller inspired by one of the studio's classic monsters. Tatum's regular producing partner Reid Carolin cooked up the idea and wrote a treatment, which they've handed to Wes Tooke top turn into a script. The current plan is for Lord and Miller to produce and for Tatum to star.

There's a chance Tatum and Carolin could end up directing the new film, as they're already busy on the former's directorial debut, Dog. They may wait to see how that one performs before making a decision about the creature feature. As for which character might be featured? Given that The Invisible Man has already been taken and The Wolfman is in development, that leaves… Approximately 100 possibilities.

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