Pakistan opposition seeks end to Imran Khan’s ‘puppet’ rule

By M Ilyas Khan
BBC News, Islamabad

Publishedduration4 minutes agoimage copyrightEPAimage captionSupporters of opposition political party Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz protesting in Quetta last month

Opposition parties in Pakistan are keeping up the pressure on Imran Khan, holding a series of mass protests against his government.

They allege the prime minister came to power in rigged 2018 elections backed by the military.

On Sunday, thousands of protesters are due to demonstrate in the city of Peshawar, despite a government threat to ban gatherings to curb rising coronavirus cases.

The PM, who came to power on an anti-corruption platform, has said the campaign is aimed at blackmailing him to drop corruption cases against opposition leaders.

Pakistan's powerful military denies interfering in politics and Mr Khan rejects claims it helped him win.

The next general election is not due until 2023.

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