Melania Trump’s hometown in Slovenia hopes its fame will last

By Guy Delauney
BBC News, Sevnica, Slovenia

Publishedduration33 minutes ago

Torta Melanija takes pride of place in the display case of a smart patisserie attached to Sevnica's only hotel.

Waves of light, golden chocolate wobble atop an expanse of cream-covered white chocolate mousse – a colour scheme chosen in honour of Sevnica's most famous daughter, Melania Trump.

For the past four years, the people here have leveraged minor international fame to promote their central Slovenian town and its products. But now the Trump presidency is entering its final weeks, there is the sense of the end of an era for Sevnica as well.

"We wanted the cake to be elegant, to resemble Melania – with gold, because of the Trumps, and white because of the White House," says Nusa Vidmar, the owner of the Slascicarna Julija patisserie.

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