EU faces challenge from three states to Covid budget

By Kevin Connolly
BBC News, Brussels

Publishedduration55 minutes agoimage copyrightReutersimage captionThere will be no bumping of elbows at this summit but Hungary's prime minister (R) is offering stiff resistance to the budget

In Brussels a high-stakes game is being played in which the jackpot is worth €1.8tn (£1.6tn) – the total value of the EU budget until 2027 plus its €750bn Coronavirus Recovery fund.

On one side of the table sit 24 of the member states backed by the European Commission and a majority in the EU Parliament.

Facing them across the table are Hungary and Poland with Slovenia preparing to play a supporting role.

The issue for EU leaders meeting via video on Thursday is simple enough: should the division of EU funds between member states be linked to the behaviour and the values of individual governments?

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