Eton teacher visited boy at night 180 times trial hears

A teacher at Eton accused of sexually assaulting pupils in their rooms visited one youngster at least 180 times at night during the child’s first two years at the school, a court has heard.

Matthew Mowbray, 49, allegedly entered the boys’ rooms on the pretext of discussing schoolwork before touching them for his own sexual gratification.

The former geography teacher, who was renowned for taking photographs of the pupils, has admitted one count of voyeurism, downloading hundreds of indecent images of children, as well as superimposing pupils’ faces on to the naked bodies of unknown children on his computer.

But the divorced father has denied groping the boys in their rooms at night.

Matthew Mowbray worked as a geography teacher at Eton

On the second day of his trial, the jury at Reading Crown Court heard one pupil claim Mr Mowbray had visited him up to four times a week, chatting after lights out and gently stroking his leg.

In a video interview, the boy told the court: "I was a light sleeper and lay in my bed overthinking stuff and I liked that I did not have to go to bed. He would come to my room quite a lot and he would speak to me for a really long time, it was two hours sometimes.

"As a young student I appreciated it, I felt special. I felt he was genuinely concerned about me and he was looking out for me. But as it went on I found it a chore, the consistency became irritating.

"I was aware of other boys also being visited, I did not perceive it was abnormal, it seemed normal."

"I was uncomfortable but it was something I was used to. You just want to be on his best side, I wanted his approval. He was a really sensitive guy. If I told him to go away he would get upset and I wanted to be on the right side of him."

When asked by the prosecutor how many times he was visited in his bedroom by Mowbray, the boy said: "How many days are there in the school year" before estimating 180 times for the first two years he was at Eton.

"For my first two years he came to my bedroom three to four times a week," he told the jury.

The trial continues.

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