Climate change: Is your Netflix habit bad for the environment?

By Reality Check team
BBC News

Publishedduration12 October 2018Related Topics

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Watching your favourite show or listening to your playlist has never been easier.

A virtually endless supply of film, music and TV can be streamed and downloaded almost instantly.

But at what cost to the environment?

Vast amounts of energy are needed to keep data flowing on the internet and demand will only increase as our reliance on digital services grows.

Some of that energy is generated from clean energy sources, but much of it comes from burning carbon-based fossil fuels, which scientists believe is a contributing factor to rising global temperatures.

The latest report by climate scientists demonstrates the scale of the dangers faced from carbon emissions.

"How we power our digital infrastructure is rapidly becoming critical to whether we will be able to arrest climate change in time," says Gary Cook, IT sector analyst at Greenpeace.

So, could cutting down time spent on the internet really make a difference to energy consumption and global warming?

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