Angelina Jolie Directing Don McCullin Film Unreasonable Behaviour

The work of legendary photojournalist Don McCullin has been highlighted on the big screen already in Jacqui Morris' 2013 documentary that bears his last name. In 2016, we learned that Tom Hardy was circling the lead role in a biopic about the man from Working Title. Things have moved on from there: Hardy appears only attached as producer, and Angelina Jolie will direct Unreasonable Behaviour.

While it's possible that Hardy will once again decide to star, Jolie is certainly attached to direct, working from the script already written by '71's Gregory Burke, adapted from McCullin's autobiography.

Best known for his often harrowing black and white images taken in Vietnam and Cambodia whilst working for The Observer and The Sunday Times, McCullin risked his life to capture these images of war which continue to resonate to this day. He is respected for the empathy and honesty of his depiction of human suffering in his work.

"I am humbled to have a chance to bring Don McCullin’s life to film," says Jolie. "I was drawn to his unique combination of fearlessness and humanity – his absolute commitment to witnessing the truth of war, and his empathy and respect for those who suffer its consequences. We hope to make a film that is as uncompromising as Don’s photography, about the extraordinary people and events he witnessed, and the rise and fall of a unique era in journalism."

This seems like a logical next film for Jolie, who has done well with real-world stories, including Unbroken and First They Killed My Father, the latter of which chronicled harrowing events in Cambodia, where McCullin shot some of his most impactful pictures.

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