UK’s most popular passwords of 2020 – avoid these common phrases like the plague

It’s something that we’re all regularly warned about, but it seems that many people are still using passwords that are very easy to guess (Image: Getty)

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It’s something that we’re all regularly warned about, but it seems that many people are still using passwords that are very easy to guess.

Researchers from NordPass have revealed the UK’s most popular passwords of 2020 – and many are pretty obvious.

Chad Hammond, a security expert at NordPass, said: “Most of these passwords can be hacked in less than a second. Also, they have already been exposed in previous data breaches. For example, the most popular password ‘123456’ has been breached 23,597,311 times.”

NordPass evaluated a database that contained 275,699,516 passwords, and found that the most popular passwords were easy-to-guess number combinations, such as 123456 and 123456789.

Other common phrases included ‘qwerty’, ‘iloveyou’ and believe it or not, the word ‘password’ itself (scroll down for the list of the top 50 passwords).

(Image: Getty)

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Worryingly, just 44% of the passwords analysed were unique, suggesting many Brits could be leaving their accounts vulnerable to hackers.

Mr Hammond said: “Your weak password can be used for credential stuffing attacks, where the breached logins are used to gain unauthorized access to user accounts.

“If you fall victim to a credential stuffing attack, you might lose your Facebook or another important account with all its content.

“Also, your email address could be used for phishing attacks or for scamming your family and friends, who may very well fall for it, as the email will supposedly be coming from you.”

Based on the findings, the experts advise that you use complex, lengthy and unique passwords, and store them in a password manager.

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Top 50 most popular passwords of 2020

1. 123456

2. 123456789


4. password

5. 12345678

6. 111111

7. 123123

8. 12345

9. 1234567890

10. senha

11. 1234567

12. qwerty

13. abc123

14. Million2

15. 000000

16. 1234

17. iloveyou

18. aaron431

19. password1

20. qqww1122

21. 123

22. omgpop

23. 123321

24. 654321

25. qwertyuiop

26. qwer123456

27. 123456a

28. a123456

29. 666666

30. asdfghjkl

31. ashley

32. 987654321

33. unknown

34. zxcvbnm

35. 112233

36. chatbooks

37. 20100728

38. 123123123

39. princess

40. jacket025

41. evite

42. 123abc

43. 123qwe

44. sunshine

45. 121212

46. dragon

47. 1q2w3e4r

48. 5201314

49. 159753

50. 123456789

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