Israel strikes ‘Iranian military sites’ in Syria after bombs found in Golan

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image copyrightAFPimage captionExplosive devices were found near an Israeli position in the occupied Golan Heights (file photo)

Israel's military says it launched air strikes against Iranian and Syrian military targets in Syria overnight, after explosive devices were found in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

The Syrian state news agency said the country's air defences had "confronted an Israeli aerial aggression" and downed a number of missiles.

It reported that three Syrian soldiers were killed and another was injured.

But a monitoring group reported that 10 people died, including five Iranians.

Israel has repeatedly struck Iranian targets in Syria and those of allied militia groups in recent years, but it rarely publicly claims responsibility.

It has said it will not tolerate Iranian "entrenchment" in Syria.

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  • Israel says it struck Iranian drone sites in Syria

On Tuesday, three Claymore anti-personnel charges were found near an Israeli military position in the Golan Heights, Israeli military spokesman Lt Col Jonathan Conricus told reporters.

The devices were planted by a Syrian squad on the orders of Iran's Quds Force, the main overseas operations arm of the Revolutionary Guards, he added.

"That is why we decided to retaliate against them in Syria."

Israeli fighter jets hit eight targets belonging to the Quds Force and the Syrian army, including "storage facilities, headquarters and military compounds", as well as Syrian surface-to-air missile batteries, according to the Israeli military.

Lt Col Conricus said three Iranian command centres were hit – a headquarters at Damascus international airport, a Quds Force base inside the headquarters of Syrian Army's 7th Division, and a "secret military site which served as a hosting facility for senior Iranian delegations".

"We hope now that the message is clear – that it is unacceptable that the Syrian regime allows and tolerates and facilitates the use by Iranian forces of Syria as a launchpad for attacks against Israel," he added.

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