Shoppers warned against buying cheap electronics online

Publishedduration39 minutes agoimage copyrightGetty Imagesimage captionA charity is urging people to buy electronics from known retailers when shopping online

A laptop which caught fire after being fitted with a battery bought on Amazon has prompted safety charity Electrical Safety First to warn of the dangers of buying cheap electronics online.

It said that it had found "some extremely dangerous items" for sale on Amazon, eBay and Wish.

The warnings were echoed by watchdog Which? and the Trading Standards Institute.

The charity wants to see government legislation on the issue.

Rachel Kent, 40, bought a replacement battery on Amazon from a third-party seller.

"It was about 22:30, I was at home in my kitchen about to take my two dogs for a walk. My laptop was on a hard table, charging.

"I heard a very loud crackle and bang from the laptop. Panicking, I fled into the garden, taking my dogs with me and looked in horror to see the laptop go bang again and catch fire, spreading along the table."

She called the fire brigade and the blaze was extinguished.

"Luckily my two kids were staying at their grandmother's that night but if they'd been in the house at the time the fire would have between them and myself which is absolutely horrible to think about.

"I was told it was the battery of the laptop that was at fault. I'd bought the replacement battery from Amazon through a third-party seller after the original battery died."

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