Amazon and eBay ‘listing unsafe toys for sale’

Publishedduration20 November 2019image copyrightPA Mediaimage captionOne of the products flagged up by Which? on Amazon that appeared to have been declared unsafe by the EU

Amazon and eBay have failed to stop toys from being listed for sale which appear to have been declared unsafe by the EU, according to Which?

The consumer group is asking the next government to make online marketplaces legally responsible for stopping dangerous products from being listed.

Which? found products for sale which it believed posed a risk to children.

EBay removed 12 flagged products, while Amazon took down the five listed for sale.

Which? looked at toys which had been registered as dangerous by the EU's safety gate system since 2017.

The scheme flags products which have been recalled, withdrawn from sale or stopped at the border over safety worries.

The toys on eBay included toy slime, a Transformers helmet and a cartoon helicopter, all of which seemed to be very similar to dangerous products.

The Amazon listings included a magnetic building set, an inflatable swim ring and a remote controlled car.

The safety risk in the toys across both sites included high levels of chemicals in some toys, too much lead in others and the risk of intestinal blockage from parts in others.

Earlier in the year, the British Toy and Hobby Association raised similar concerns – warning that one in five toys it found sold on Amazon and eBay were dangerous for children.

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Which? tested out Amazon Marketplace itself by listing for sale a squishy toy, which had been recalled in October 2018 because it posed a risk of choking or suffocation.

The toy remained on Amazon for two weeks before Which? withdrew the listing itself.

It also put on the site a soft fabric car seat, which are illegal in the UK.

Online marketplaces are not currently responsible for making sure that the products sold on their sites are safe.

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