Prof Sue Black carried human heads on flight as part of serial killer probe

Publishedduration8 minutes agoimage captionProf Black said the flight attendant was "utterly horrified"

Forensic scientist Prof Dame Sue Black has revealed how she once transported two human heads in designer bags on a plane from Italy to Scotland.

Prof Black had been asked to assist Italian police who were investigating a serial killer in the mid-1990s.

She said she was moved to business class after telling an "utterly horrified" stewardess what she was carrying.

Prof Black shared the story on the BBC's Big Scottish Book Club.

She told host Damian Barr she was asked to take the heads to Scotland to carry out a facial superimposition, a procedure where a photograph is matched to a skull, which was unavailable in Italy at the time.

One of the challenges of transporting the remains, she recalled, was that they were in an advanced state of decay.

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