Alicia Vikander And Terence Winter Developing Dial M For Murder Anthology Series

Little known fact: while Dial M For Murder has become best known as one of Alfred Hitchcock's films, it's actually adapted from Frederick Knott's 1952 play, which itself was aired on the BBC before hitting either the stage or the big screen. It's headed back to TV for a new interpretation, as Alicia Vikander and Boardwalk Empire's Terence Winter are producing an anthology series based on Knott's story.

While the original story focuses on retired English tennis champ Tony Wendice, who discovers his wife had an affair and decides to murder her, the new show will set the narrative from a female perspective, with Vikander on to star in the first season. And the anthology style means everything will re-set for a new story in subsequent seasons. Winter will oversee the show, but he's also busy with a TV spin-off of The Batman and a potential new mob crime show, so regular collaborator Michael Mitnick would run the show.

MGM/UA Television is backing the series, which is now looking for a home on cable or streaming across the pond.

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