Eamonn Holmes starts swigging WINE before midday: ‘Are you drunk?’

Eamonn Holmes turned to the wine after failling to correctly nail wrapping Christmas presents.

He and his wife/co-host Ruth Langsford were challenged to a wrap-off, where they had to wrap their bottles of vino faster and better than the other.

While Ruth seemed to take the endeavour rather seriously. sadly this could not be said for Eamonn, who had previously bemoaned the idea of wrapping a bottle, in favour of buying a bag from an off-licence.

But to the competition he went, as he readied himself to wrap the bottle, armed with a ribbon and red tissue paper.

Ruth laid out her paper properly, while Eamonn just scrunched and squidged his paper into place, letting the whole of the top of the bottle show.

Eamonn Holmes starts swigging WINE before midday: 'Are you drunk?'

He was clearly ready for a swig
(Image: ITV)

Eamonn Holmes starts swigging WINE before midday: 'Are you drunk?'

He opened up the bottle
(Image: ITV)

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While Ruth cleverly tried to lay out her paper, Eamonn boasted: "Done! Thank you, look how beautiful my ruffelettes and everything are?

"And it’s a screwtop bottle of wine as well, wonderful!"

At this, he opened up the bottle happily and proferred it high to the crew, before saying: "Happy Christmas, Santa!"

Eamonn then took a big swig as the crew cheered and laughed, before he went over to his wife’s efforts to have a check on how it was looking.

Eamonn Holmes starts swigging WINE before midday: 'Are you drunk?'

Eamonn went straight for the bottle
(Image: ITV)

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As the time was declared by Santa, Eamonn thanked the wrapping expert, Jane Means, before he tried to jibe at his wife for being on Santa’s naughty list for her "malevolent" ways.

The word was a bit of a struggle to get out, which left Ruth giggling as she asked: "That’s a big word, are you drunk?"

He laughed as she teased him, then he joked about giving Father Christmas a "little toddy" when they move to their phone in with the man himself, before taking another big old swig of wine as the show moved to the adverts.

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