Watch: Jason Momoa Is a Hardcore NBC Page in Funny ‘SNL’ Promo

Continuing with the legacy of big, intimidating male actors who prove they have a swell sense of humor, Jason Momoa’s SNL promo is a darned delight. The Aquaman star hosts SNL this weekend, and in the promo for the show, he’s seen being enlisted to be a temporary NBC page and answer the phone. His first phone call spurs him into hilarious action, hulking around with the intensity of an action movie, then moving into a smooth spy dance to move undetected by laser beams. But it’s Momoa’s delivery of the punchline that has me utterly convinced he could have the secret comedic chops of other “manly men” action heroes like Chris Hemsworth and Jason Statham.

While Momoa has an impressive resume that includes Game of Thrones and Justice League, he hasn’t really had that much of a chance to cut loose. That may change with Aquaman, which appears to be more humorous in tone than Batman v Superman or Man of Steel, and I’m even more excited to check out Momoa’s episode of SNL now.

Check out the Jason Momoa SNL promo below, followed by a downright steamy video Momoa shared of him showering at 30 Rock. Yes, you read that right.

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SNL Day 2 @nbcsnl get wet Meet the cast #showmyaloha #hawaiianstyle #bango #hhrreejjehhhhh Aloha j

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