Sam Faires blasted by fans for dressing her daughter in ‘real fur’

Samantha Faiers has been blasted by fans on social media for allegedly dressing her daughter in real fur.

The row started when the former TOWIE star, 27, shared an adorable family snap to Instagram of herself with her two children Paul, two, and Rosie, one.

Both Paul and Rosie were wrapped up warm at a safari park, with Rosie sporting a jacket with a fur hood, and a hat with a fluffy pom pom.

In Sam’s caption, she assured her fans her daughter was wearing "faux fur" and wrote: "Having such a wonderful time at Port Lympne Park. Today we fed a wallaby and Rosie The Rhino.

"Such an amazing experience. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventures. Rosie wearing #fauxfur," she said.

But baby and children’s clothing brand, Petits Amours Clothing, later shared the photo and and told followers "It’s real fur."

Sam Faires blasted by fans for dressing her daughter in 'real fur'

Sam shared a snap with her two kids at the zoo
(Image: Instagram)

The £37.50 jacket and £19 hat are available on the brand’s website, which states they are "100% natural fur".

It’s the second post this week which critics claim show her daughter wearing real fur.

One critic said: "People need to be aware Sam Faiers is falsely advertising clothes that she is putting her children in as faux fur, when they are actually real fur.

"This is clearly morally wrong, and over the past three days Sam Faiers has done this twice.

Sam Faires blasted by fans for dressing her daughter in 'real fur'

The reality star said her daughter was wearing ‘faux fur’
(Image: Instagram)

"Surely this shouldn’t be allowed. People wanting to copy that look will be unknowingly buying and contributing to the fur industry from what Sam is advertising," they fired.

The family were staying at Port Lympne Safari Park & Hotel in Hythe, Kent, when the photo was taken.

Dozens of Samantha’s followers commented that the hat and jacket were "beautiful" and "adorable", and questioned where they could buy them from.

Sam Faires blasted by fans for dressing her daughter in 'real fur'

Fans questioned Sam’s choices
(Image: ITV)

But one commenter wrote: "Mate, how can you take your kids to go see animals whilst wearing one?! Madness."

Another added: "They are even lying about it being faux now, what a joke."

The family photo at Port Lympne follows a previous photo Samantha shared of Rosie on Tuesday.

Sam Faires blasted by fans for dressing her daughter in 'real fur'

A snap of Sam’s toddler daughter dressed in a fleece and hat caused a similar dispute on social media

The previous snap shows her daughter sat on a staircase wearing a fluffy Mongolian fur vest jacket, costing £99, and an Angora fur PomPom hat, costing £35, both from Mi Loves.

And many of her followers claimed they were "shocked" and "disappointed" with the photo, with some even unfollowing the star.

"Shocking what happens to poor animals (tortured and skinned alive) to produce a little PomPom for a baby’s hat.

"I’m astounded there’s still a market for these unnecessary accessories, especially in our mild climate," cried one.

Another disappointed fan wrote: "Someone needs to make a petition to stop these breeding farms from even happening.

"Celebrities have more authority than us to help put a stop to this but instead they are for it. Disappointed."

Sam Faires blasted by fans for dressing her daughter in 'real fur'

Sam and partner Paul share two children together
(Image: ITV)

Louise Burnsey posted: "So there’s one less raccoon in the world, cheers Samantha Faiers for helping to promote to kill animals, and thinking it’s okay."

And Emma Davies added: "I’m honestly so sick of these so-called celebs. Self-important selfish idiots, how can they be so ignorant to this cruelty."

Meanwhile, Zoe O’Brien simply wrote: "Oh no Samantha Faiers, not you too. I thought you had better morals than this. Another unfollow from me."

Samantha Faiers’ spokesperson has been approached for comment.