Kate Middleton Revealed a Secret About Her College Days During This Week’s Solo Visit

  • Kate Middleton visited the UCL Developmental Neuroscience Lab at University College in London this week.
  • The surprise visit happened on the same day as Meghan’s trip to reunite with women at the Hubb Community Kitchen, with both duchesses wearing a similar shade of red.
  • Kate is supporting research into what affect trauma in young children can have on the brain in the longterm, per royal commentator Rebecca English on Twitter.
  • While at UCL, Kate opened up about her own college experiences, and surprised fans by sharing a fact about herself that was previously unknown.

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Kate Middleton stepped out in London this week to continue her support of children and young people, by meeting with researchers who study the longterm affects trauma can have on the brain.

While visiting UCL’s Developmental Neuroscience Lab, Kate started to reminisce about her own college days, and per Hello! magazine, the duchess revealed a little known fact about herself. Apparently Kate told researchers, “I started off doing Psychology at St Andrews, with History of Art. It was a bit full on, but it was really interesting.”

According to The Telegraph, Professor Eamon McCrory raved about the royal after her visit saying, “The Duchess is fantastic. Her level of interest is extraordinary and she has a genuine interest and hunger to understand the science and really think about how the science can help us re-frame our approach to early years and help parents and families, and society to understand the critical importance of the first few years of life.”