I’m A Celebrity’s feisty Fleur East will ‘snap’ at Noel Edmonds, warns pal Stevi

Stevi Ritchie has revealed that X Factor pal Fleur East could ‘snap’ if she gets bossed around by ‘alpha male’ Noel Edmonds in the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here camp.

Stevi, 38, who has kept in touch with Fleur, 31, via Whatsapp since they both competed in X Factor 2014, says that his feisty friend won’t be shy about standing up for herself if she feels the need.

“I’m so proud of Fleur, I absolutely love her,” Stevi told Mirror Online. “She’s just being her in the jungle. Her laugh is infectious. She’s such a superstar.

“But I think the cracks will show if someone was to argue with her. If Fleur is right then she would stand her ground..

“I think Noel Edmonds might stir her up a bit – it’s a gut feeling. Noel’s a legend, but I think he could be quite bossy.

I'm A Celebrity's feisty Fleur East will 'snap' at Noel Edmonds, warns pal Stevi

Stevi says he’s proud of Fleur entering the I’m A Celeb jungle
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I'm A Celebrity's feisty Fleur East will 'snap' at Noel Edmonds, warns pal Stevi

Stevi spent time with Fleur during X Factor in 2014, and the pair have stayed in touch
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“I imagine him to be leading man material – very alpha. Which is good because I think the camp needs that.

“But if he bosses Fleur about then I don’t think she’d take it, she would say something. She could snap.”

Stevi, who lived with Fleur in the X Factor house for a number of weeks, says it’s unlikely that his upbeat pal will get on anyone’s nerves – but she might need to be mindful to clean up after herself.

“She’s always smiling,” he explains. “I know everyone can get hungry and miserable and those spiders would scare the s*** out of me, but I think the camp needs that positivity.

“I think she left dome dirty plates on the table when she was eating in the X Factor house once.

“I don’t know if she’s untidy – that’s the only bad thing I could possibly say about Fleur.

“She was always one of these people who you could talk to about anything.”

Since entering camp, Fleur has confused some viewers over whether or not she is vegan, with a rep on her Twitter page recently clarifying: “Fleur is not a vegan. For health reasons she has in the past followed a vegan diet, but she is not adhering to this in the jungle.”

I'm A Celebrity's feisty Fleur East will 'snap' at Noel Edmonds, warns pal Stevi

There has been confusion about whether Fleur is a vegan
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But Stevi says he was shocked to see his friend eating meat with her fellow campmates.

“With Fleur, I think she’s only been a half vegan for about a year, and I thought good on her,” he says.

“But when I saw her chomping away on that wallaby, she was like a tramp on chips.

“She was doing that, and I thought: ‘Fleur, you’re a vegan, girl. What are you doing?’

“So it did make me think, was she just eating it because she’s hungry and there’s no food?”

I'm A Celebrity's feisty Fleur East will 'snap' at Noel Edmonds, warns pal Stevi

Fleur got ants in her pants
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He continued: “I think if Fleur is vegan then she should stick with being vegan, but then if you’re hungry… f**k me, you would eat kangaroo s**t, wouldn’t you? Well, I would."

Meanwhile, sources have claimed that Fleur apparently does not want to do any of the famous eating challenges – which can sometimes involve eating a crocodile’s anus or the testicles of a kangaroo.

But Stevi thinks putting Fleur ahead for the eating Bushtucker trial would be a true test of her character.

I'm A Celebrity's feisty Fleur East will 'snap' at Noel Edmonds, warns pal Stevi

Stevi thinks Fleur should do the eating challenge
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“I think she should do the tasks regardless,” he says. “I think it would be funny to see Fleur do some sort of task eating meat, dare I say it.

“I would think then you would see a different side of her. I think she would stand her morals and say: ‘No I can’t do that.’

“But then I’m thinking: ‘Come on girl, you’re eating the meat that’s being given in camp, so maybe do the tasks.’”

He added of the confusion surrounding her vegan status: “Some people are a little bit confused by it. I think that’s her only downfall at the moment.”

And what about the supposed spark between Fleur and campmate James McVey of boyband The Vamps that some fans have picked up on?

Both Fleur and James are in relationships back home in the UK.

“I don’t think anything is going on between her and James,” Stevi says. “I think it’s purely that they get on, they’re both in the pop industry and they have a laugh.”

Stevi says that a pop comeback will be at the top of Fleur’s to-do list when she arrives home from the jungle.

“I think she wants to get back into the pop world, maybe get back in the iTunes top ten,” Stevi explains.

“The celebrity thing may well boost her record sales. She said to me, if she gets anything else out of it then it’s a bonus.

I'm A Celebrity's feisty Fleur East will 'snap' at Noel Edmonds, warns pal Stevi

Ben Haenow, Fleur East, Simon Cowell, Stevi Ritchie on X Factor in 2014

“Just before she went in she did a new music video and that’s all good to go. So she’s ready to release new music in January or February.”

So does Stevi think that pal Fleur is going to become the next Queen of the Jungle?

“I think she’ll get to the final three,” he admits. “I don’t know if she’ll win, if I’m honest, because I think it’s going to be a bloke this year.

“I think it’s going to be out of Nick Knowles or John Barrowman – call me psychic. Fleur will come third.”