I’m A Celebrity is fitting end for Noel Edmonds’ TV career but not an easy deal

As one of TV’s biggest names of the Eighties and Nineties, ITV bosses could have been forgiven for shouting ‘Gotcha!’ when he signed on the dotted line.

And it seems fitting that as current TV ratings make I’m A Celebrity the biggest show of the year – much like Noel’s House Party used to be – Noel Edmonds will end his TV career at the top.

But unlike in the past with all his successful shows like Deal Or No Deal or Swap Shop or even Telly Addicts, Noel is not in control this time.

He is the puppet and not the puppet master, which may explain his slight unease, even if he is picking up £500,000 for a couple of week’s work.

I'm A Celebrity is fitting end for Noel Edmonds' TV career but not an easy deal

Noel Edmonds is ready for the jungle
(Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

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Noel is one of the contestants in the jungle and rightly seems pretty sure he will be facing quite few trials during his time there.

Turning 70 next month and with a big legal battle on the cards in 2019, he seems content that this could be his last shot as a star on screen.

But what is fascinating is which Noel we will see. There is the composed TV presenter who millions of people love and adored.

I'm A Celebrity is fitting end for Noel Edmonds' TV career but not an easy deal

The TV star hosted fan favourite Deal or No Deal
(Image: NO FEE)


Then there is the relaxed and jokey man I met this week at the Versace Hotel on the Gold Coast who would be a great campmate.

But finally there is another side to Noel where he talks about things that don’t seem to make sense, at least not to me anyway.

He told us he had eaten worms from his garden, and only seemed to be half joking.

I'm A Celebrity is fitting end for Noel Edmonds' TV career but not an easy deal

Noel in his heyday with Mr Blobby

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Noel insisted Cosmic Ordering could help him in the camp (which may be true) and then of course there have been times in recent years when he has upset people by suggesting an electromagnetic pulse machine could help slow ageing and tackle cancer.

If he can stay away from the C-word and ‘deal’ with the trials with aplomb maybe it will all go perfectly and he will get his wish and leave as king of the jungle.

I’m just worried it blobbably won’t be that simple.

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