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Top Ten Sexiest movies on Netflix Streaming

It is my firm belief that premium television is the sexiest medium in show business right now. Such shows as Game of Thrones and True Blood contain more nudity and sex than the sexiest movies ever did.


However, Netflix streaming has given us access to some of the sexiest movies ever made. You don’t have to waste a DVD delivery on a horny whim and most of these you can watch with your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner. Moreover, Netflix Streaming has allowed for adults to watch adult movies directly.

As of February 2012, these are the sexiest available:

10. Damage

Why you say so sexy?

Juliette Binoche is gorgeous and the sex scenes are primal. I have a thing for Binoche, so you might feel differently.

Date night worthy?

Yes. This movie is legit. It is one of the few movies from the nineties to deal with sex in a mature way.

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