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Ender’s Game The Movie is happening!

## I have written a companion article to this one found here.

The original novel cover…I think. I haven’t read the newest novel about Peter as Hegemon. I also haven’t read the graphic novel.

After almost fifteen years of waiting, I’m finally gonna’ get to see a movie of Ender’s Game. Fans aren’t that happy about the production company making it, Summit Entertainment, but I remain pretty optimistic.

I have total faith in Orson Scott Card and his tenacious attitude: He’d just as well not make a movie if it doesn’t do the source material justice.

The novel is about a boy Ender who was more-or-less manufactured through mating to be a genius. After the logical deduction to use violence against a classmate, he is recruited into a Battle School for genius children.

A majority of the story takes place at the Battle School as young, genius kids match wits against each other in military games. Like Harry Potter, Ender is sort of “the chosen one”.  He’s a boy with a mind so brilliant that he might just be the hope for mankind.

Mankind has been under attack from an alien race and, after defeating them in the past, a new generation of military minds is needed…

Also important are Ender’s brother and sister Peter and Valentine, respectively. They are an important feature to Earth’s politics while Ender is at Battle School. But I’m not going to get into that here.

A parallel novel that came out many years later was Ender’s Shadow. Many argue, myself included, that somehow this novel manages to be just as, or even better, than the original. The books follows young, tiny Bean as he drags himself through homelessness in the terrible city of Rotterdam. The result of an illegal human engineering racket, Bean is one of the most intelligent people on earth, but is also smaller and scrawnier than most other children. However, he uses his brilliant mind to drag himself out of the ghetto and land himself in Battle School. Eventually becoming second only to Ender in leadership. Ender’s Shadow is my favorite pop, sci-fi novel. It is more sacred to me than even the original. I mention this novel because I have a prediction, which I’ll get to.

My favorite of the series and one of my favorite books ever.

Most fans are commenting on how important the novel was to them. How much a part of their childhood it was and so on. I don’t really care what happens (I can always go back to the book) but a couple things are  bouncing around in my mind.

For once, in regards to the source material, I’m an expert. I’m one of the original, die-hard fans of a beloved book which will be taken on by Hollywood. Like Akira’s adaptation, a few things worry me. In regards to Ender’s Game, here they are:

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65 comments to Ender’s Game The Movie is happening.

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  • Nicole

    I just wanted to say that it is “Speaker FOR the Dead” and not “Speaker OF the Dead” as you keep mentioning. Please at least get this right, for it is my favorite of the entire series.

  • Wayne

    Look at it this way. The luckiest people will be the people that read the books before they saw the first movie. The second luckiest will be the ones that see the movie and then read the books. The saddest of the bunch will be the ones that only see the movies. If they were able to do ok with lotr, its possible for them to do ok with this book…

  • Sami

    ok i absolutly love enders game and i am very nervous about the movie because if they do a bad job im going to be super pissed.oh and BTW I LIVE IN AMERICA AND EVERYONE I HAVE EVER MET BELIEVES IN EVOLUTION DONT SAY STUPID SHIT

  • ben

    I think that the hardest part of making ender’s game into a movie is the fact that it’s so huge. I mean, the book itself isn’t that big, but it just takes so freaking long to read and actually understand it! And even then, there’s so many holes that needed to be filled in, which OSC did with Ender’s Shadow and Shadow of the Hegemon of course, but trying to fit all of it into 2 and a half hours at most just seems impossible without skipping around, and then people dont know wtf is going on unless they’ve read the book! But one thing that really bothers me is the “what happens next?” factor, as I call it. The audience would just want more (if enders game succeeds) and then that could prompt a movie for SFTD, Xenocide and COTM, which is again almost impossible to do. the Ender’s Game series is basically a moviemaker’s nightmare, with so much plot, little time to put it in and challenging characters to find and get to cooperate.

    Hope I sparked a little inspiration!
    …sorry 4 the run-on sentences BTW…

  • Sean

    Regardless of what they leave in or take out the point of the novel is an army of children acting and posturing like adults. Not trying to be, but genuinely smarter and better than the teachers. The scenes where Graph is discussing Ender must be in, and it’s going to be nearly impossible to have a ten year old emote like a 30 year old adult. The fantasy game must be done, it is such an iconic moment when he learns not to fear death from the game. Each moment with the fantasy game, the fights, the battle room is like a tumbler in a lock. Each piece builds and opens to the next creating this final image of Ender by the end of the book it’s epic finale shatters his psyche. A weapon created and harnessed. Used once then discarded. That is what made the book a major part of our childhoods. And if they can’t do that right, then don’t do it at all

  • Jonathan

    Trailing a fine line here. Obviously this will be the movie of the year if it succeeds, but it could just be a flop. Were all nervous to see that bet made, but the payoff is definitely worth the risk.the acting that is required for it to succeed is not consistent. With the acting level of teens today. Either avatar actors, or hire amazing actors. The fine line that they’re on is easy to fall off of. Their deciscion to make this a one part movie is a bad sign to me, looks like they’re not willing to giv the movie a lotr style budget of “what the heck! Screw money” and just make a good movie.

  • Chris

    Graff’s role will be the most important in the film. Gene Hackman needs to play him. With a decent script, it could be great.

  • CharlesNeira (Yoda)

    For those of you who hope they will include Enders shadow in the movie. Its not going to happen. Card himself said that they are having to delete out tons on scenes as it is. Trying to put Enders shadow with it just isnt going to work. Card stated that after going over many revisions of script, they came to conclussion that in order to have time for the final sequences, they had to have Ender Graduate from battle school by middle of movie. That means they have to accelerate alot of events in the movie. He even stated, but not in exact words…The movie will go from Graff askign Ender to go to battle school, to Ender already being in an Army.
    This of course skips a ton of things. I also believe this means Val and Peter will have little inpact in this movie. About all I know for now.

    I agree shadow would be nice, but it seems there just isnt enough time to fit it all in a movie.

    • I totally agree that even just packing Ender’s Game into a movie would be tough — if not impossible — but I really don’t think it would work without Bean’s story.

      Ender’s Game is too insulated inside Ender’s head to work as a movie. I don’t know as much as most of you about the specifics on why the movie hasn’t been made yet — my first guess is money and my second guess would be Card is a ball breaker, but my third guess would be exposition.

      The story is just so hard to “tell” to the audience. Bean would be a good way to bounce ideas and motivations off the audience so they know whats going on and you don’t get the Dune inner-monologue.

      Regardless, and I’ll go into this more at length in my upcoming companion article to the one above, I feel STRONGLY that Ender’s Game should be a 2 part movie similar to The Hobbit. Shoot the movie for a 120ish million bucks each and use a combination of material to tell a complete story. Also, Jumping right to Battle School might be for the best..but I’ll get to that.

      I also think the audience needs to know the “simulation” is real before the battle beings. I know I’ll get flamed for this thought, but I’ll explain in detail when I release the article.

      Thanks everyone and keep up the great comments.

  • Hey everyone,

    I just read Ender’s Shadow again and am going to be coming back after a hiatus (move to NYC) and write a list of all the reason that combining Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow would work as movie.

    I haven’t read the last two books in the Ender Quartet, but I’ll be hopefully making an argument on why the combo movie would work.


  • Anonymous

    If you have listed to the audio version of Game and Shadow then you hear OSC saying he wrote the shadow book to make it easier to adapt the story into a script.

    • I’d heard rumors about that, but never knew it was true. That is awesome. I think the Shadow story really rounds out the story.

      Elitists will say otherwise and that it would never work — but fuck ‘em…

  • Anonymous

    I am saying that this movie needs to be animated. It should be done it a cool darker way, like the upcoming Tin Tin movie, but live action won’t work in my opinion. The ages of the kids are simply to young

    • Guest

      Interesting concept, perhaps using the Avatar technology they could effectively utilize the expressiveness of an adult face (which is largely why adults seem intelligent as opposed to the blank stare of a child) and put it onto a child’s. Obviously, though the technology might be used, the actual animation style would have to be much darker than Avatar’s, to convey a serious, industrial-technological feel. I think a combination of Avatar with a greatly improved Beowolf feel could have the right dynamic. I would prefer live filming, but like the high-tech animation more than selling out and getting teens or bad child actors.

      An important aspect of combining Ender’s Game and Shadow is that Ender and Bean’s characters don’t need to be changed, and cannot. The majority of the series relies on Ender’s “loneliness at the top” mentality, and to some extent Bean’s aversion to dialogue due to aloofness and his mutated savant syndrome. So how can we stay true to these characters yet still have them convey their thoughts? The answer is most definitely not to make them best friends and confidants (other than Ender confiding in Bean for that short moment in his room). I really think that having Bean’s interactions with the teachers (most importantly Graff and Dimak) tell the inner story is the best way to go. If the other comments are true regarding Card writing Ender’s Shadow to complete a screenplay, then I really think that he demonstrated within Ender’s Shadow exactly how the more difficult concepts/thought-processes will be explained on screen. In the book, Bean demonstrated an innate need to vindicate himself to the teachers on several occasions. On some level, he enjoys being right, and showing it off a bit. Additionally, he is a phenomenal B.S.’er, and uses this in multiple ways for many purposes. However, there was one particular situation in the book where both characteristics came into play perfectly, and I would imagine you all know what I’m talking about; the scene where Bean B.S.’es his way into actually figuring out that the IF had the ansible. He does this while talking to Dimak, who plays it off as false but later discusses it’s accuracy with the other faculty. This could be used several times with Bean “guessing” and/or figuring out multiple things such as; complicated concepts, social/interactions between Ender and other students, and even analysis of both Ender’s battle room strategy as well as his “secret strategy” when he’s studying the bugger footage. Perhaps this is part of why they are anticipating skipping most or all of Ender’s first year or two, as those are the years that Bean isn’t also at Battle School.
      Additionally, once Ender gets Dragon army, showing the other commanders’ assessments of him could provide insight into both how clueless they are as well as how advanced he is.

      One thing that all of the above do is alienate Ender from the audience. Therefore, it will be important to show the human/emotional side of Ender well, to convey to the audience how vulnerable he is in the beginning and to avoid an antagonistic persona.

      I completely disagree that the audience should be told that the final simulations are actually battles. The only way it adds anything to the film is if they are unable to express the magnitude of the situation. However, audience mood can easily be influenced by music, cinematography, and other visual/audio/timing cues.

      • I get what you’re saying about the relationship between Bean and Ender, but all you really did was summarize important parts of the story.

        The one thing you said that is of value is telling the story from Bean and the teachers’ perspective. That might work. Or at least use it to give the audience some information about what the hell is going on.

        Moreover, I disagree about the end — it needs to be changed.

        Ender’s Game has nothing to do with the pay off ending. I remember the first time I read it (when I was seven) I thought to myself even then that it wouldn’t work in a movie or cartoon.

        I might be wrong, but I doubt it. The audience doesn’t have to know 100%. They just have to suspect.

  • I love Ender’s Game and I think it will make a great movie if they stick with the plot of the book. If they don’t stick with the plot and dumb the movie down it will become a worthless piece of shit like Harry Potter has become. But all and all I am excited for this

  • Anonymous

    First off great color choices to make black text on the black background for this comment box, very professional. Second how stupid do you think people are?

    “How are they going to wrap their head around the real science of Ender being in his thirties thousands of years after the first story?”

    Maybe by the generic way it has been explained in countless other books and movies. It’s not that crazy of an idea and most people can grasp these simple scifi ideas. You saying “real science” is also a little bizarre.

    Bad article.

  • Guestt

    I only read Ender’s Game and Speaker, I read the first few chapters of Shadow but haven’t had time to finish it or read the other books. Speaker did have a lot of depth to it and given the IQ of America – not a lot of people will understand it, and no I’m not generalizing, the masses that’s never heard of Harry Potter before it hit the big screens are stupid.

    I can’t even imagine how they’re going to film the ‘fantasy game’ – some pew pew scenes in a floating room isn’t that bad, remove some of the ‘art of war’ talks for some action, ok – but the fantasy game had some pretty deep pysch stuff, some subtle elements of Freud and Jung – though I don’t know enough to be quoted on.

    I don’t want to see it become a movie – Harry Potter is bad – though it certainly doesn’t have the same qualities as Card’s novel, I know I can’t resist watching it and knowing it’ll never fulfill my expectations >_<

    • Dude, you’re a troll…

      First off, the Harry Potter movies are one of the great crowning achievements of Hollywood-style filmmaking. I’m not even that into them, but I can never deny how incredible it is that they made eight epic movies spanning a decade and kept most of the same cast.

      And if you were just referring to the books, well they’re not bad. Just not great.

      Moreover, not knowing a fringe group of fantasy books for children does not make you a moron.

  • blake

    did it not bother anyone else that this collin said “speaker OF the dead” ??

    not trying to be a douche, but at least get that right.

  • Anonymous

    I have a feeling, that if they stay true to the books, that it will not be one of the simple movies that people can go watch and enjoy the fullness of it. Even though the baseline story is simplistic, the internal torture and struggle that Ender experiences will be very difficult to bring out on a screen. Maybe with a narration of a voice as an older Ender explaining some of the things he was going through while the movie takes us though Battle School.

    • As you said, Ender’s Game, as a science fiction story, is pretty simple. What is complicated about the story is the inner monologues and logistical breakdowns that all the characters make — that will be the largest issue to deal with.

      You’re totally right that this could be satisfied with a voice-over, but I’d have to be pretty damn good.

      Ever heard Dune’s voice overs? lol. They can go bad…quick.

  • Speaking some sense Amber — thank God. The latter books are Dunesque in their depth and richness, so there is no way they’ll ever be movies.

    However, I seriously think Shadow and Ender could work as a movies. Lots of epics have stories where the characters don’t meet until the third act. I’m also surprised your students didn’t know what was going on when they read Ender, it is a pretty simplistic story.

    I mean, people should read Ubik if they want to get mind f-ed.

  • Amber

    I’ve read all the books in the Ender series and the Shadow series, and when Ender in Exile came out I bought that aswell. I believe that Ender’s game and Ender in Exile would make awesome movies, especially with todays technology, but I do not think that mixing Ender’s Shadow and Ender’s game is such a great idea. They are too different, and the character’s individual stories only cross occasionally. As for making Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, and Children of the Mind into movies, I don’t think that type of book would translate into a very interesting movie. I only say that because they would need to cut so much out, and they’re not extremely action packed… which seems to be what the movie watchers of today are looking for. In my english class last year we read Ender’s Game and the majority of the class did not even understand what was going on in that book, so I highly doubt they would understand the sequels even in movie form.

  • Anonymous

    I’m thirty today and I’ve been reading this book over and over and over again the past fifteen years. I’ve practically learned it by heart. I absolutely adore it and I must say that I’m not too happy about it being turned into a movie. It scares me that the “magic” of it might disappear.

  • Anonymous

    I am embarrassed that most Americans don’t believe in evolution…thanks to Texas, the younger generation there won’t even know who was Thomas Jefferson; they disposed of his corpse right out the their textbooks and evolution will be an unheard of term so that no one could even dispute its validity. If people want to believe in a fictional character in the heavens, so be it…but to disprove science and the scientists that devote their lives to their field, is utterly obscene.

  • I don’t know what the last comment means, lol. When did I ever generalize about a country the size of all Europe?

    First off, I an American and a huge portion of Americans don’t believe in evolution. It was just a crass joke about our dislike of scientific ideas. Lol, get over it people.

    Ender’s Game is science-fiction so understanding certain scientific ideas is a part of that. That’s all. :):)

    Again, what did the whole Europe thing mean? Maybe I’m dumb.

  • Anonymous

    Nice generalizations, Collin. You lump a country the size of all of Europe into one mindset and claim that WE are the unintelligent ones? Maybe you should pull your head out of your ass.

    As Tyler said, Ender’s Game was just a backstory to Speaker. I don’t think this will make any kind of a good *franchise* unless Summit is given unlimited right to make stuff up, which will never be a good idea. Personally, I think they should abandon the Ender’s Game movie idea and just deal with it in flashbacks in a Speaker movie.

    Speaker was the best book anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I resent the idea that American wouldn’t be able to understand the theory of time dilation. I also resent the direct implication that religious people probably couldn’t understand time dilation. Don’t judge us all by George W, we aren’t all idiots in america. Religious or otherwise.

  • Hey Tyler,

    Love the thoughtful comment.

    2 things though:

    Firstly, I think that the two stories (Bean and Ender)could definitely work regardless of the fact that they don’t take place together. Like, why couldn’t they do the post-war stuff with Bean? It isn’t a “buddy” movie like everyone has been saying — it is just an easy label to get a point across.

    Second, I don’t think the series would work at all after the initial story of Ender’s Game. Those books are hardcore science fiction, and will likely turn people off big time. Like, take every adaptation of Dune. They never work because ability to convey that much information in a movie is just not possible. Star Wars and Lotr (what is actually on screen) is actually fairly simple in comparison.

  • Tyler

    That’s Just the way Card writes. It’s all inside their heads. All his books are like that. The buddy movie idea sounds just crappy to me. Bean figures out the main plot twist way ahead of ender, plus Ender and bean aren’t supposed to be friends at least not from Bean’s point of view. How can it be a buddy movie if they’re not buddies? Plus there’s many times where Ender and Bean aren’t even together. When Ender gets shipped off to command school leaving Bean behind to deal with Achilles and his own army’s command, how do they plan to do that? That’s a huge storyline requirement for the shadow series that has to be in place or they can’t do post-war stuff with Bean and the shadow series. I can see them making Ender in exile as the sequel to ender’s game with parallels with the shadow series events and a final lead in for Speaker for the Dead. I also can see that they could easily turn the 3000 years between Ender’s game and Speaker for the Dead into a TV series telling about various stories of Ender’s travels among the 100 worlds as speaker for the dead which would easily lead into the Speaker for the Dead movie and help explain why he’s still only in his 30s when he gets to Trondhiem for the start of speaker for the Dead.

    You also have to remember: Speaker was intended to be the first novel. Ender’s Game was only intended to be the short story that laid out the characters for it and then it blossomed into it’s own novel by sheer chance and the fact that Card only wanted to write Sci-Fi and not Fantasy (Plus I think that was a requirement for the Hugo and Nebula awards if i’m not mistaken). Speaker has “trees” and Ender’s Game has “Rivets” which is the vital difference between fantasy and Sci-Fi (quoted by one of the audio book interviews with Card). To me, Card’s greatest achievement should not be ender’s game on film, it should be Speaker for the Dead and the other 2 books on film as to me those are the best story for the series. Yes it’s not as action packed (and yes there are action sequences when the humans destroy the Piggy’s tree’s) but really, those books define human nature so much better with the differences between the different cultures and how we as a race react to differences between them. I think a combined movie of Speaker, xenocide, and Children of the mind, would make a great movie. (maybe a 2 parter since there’s a ton to cover) With the up coming Shadow’s in Flight novel (or whatever the new one is now called, i heard they changed the title recently) that would make a great 3rd part to finalize the whole descolada and peter / val conclusion.

    Also to all those who say that ender’s game is action packed, to me the only parts that were truely action packed is the battle school battle room stuff. The whole part in command school would seem rather dull. The only way they’ll be able to do that is to make the whole simulator show what’s “supposed” to be going on using real ships in space. Then making the transition from “school” to “real” when Ender commands the final battles of the bugger wars will be far more easier than most people would think. It’ll make for a far more realistic view of what was supposed to be going on in command school and make the major plot twist far more “Holy s***” when they see it. ;) Those that have read it will get it, but those that have not probably would be far more interested in reading it now to figure it out. :)

  • Joe Alvord

    I just finished the audiobook of Ender’s Game. There is a half-hour or longer talk by Card about the novel and more importantly, the upcoming movie. He wrote several screenplays of the novel and they just weren’t working until he decided to combine the stories of Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow and finally it clicked with him and the others who read it, including the movie producers. The problem was that Ender’s Game alone takes place almost entirely inside Ender’s head. The Bean-Ender interactions made the movie really work like the novels did. I don’t know if the producers used that particular script, but with Card’s tenaciousness, i have some confidence that it will be close.

    • You’re totally right Joe. I actually never thought of it that way. Because the books exist almost entirely in their minds, combining the two makes exposition (or giving the audience information) really easy through dialogue. That must be why they’re going in that direction.

      Great comment.

  • Kevin P.

    I’m not sure if I like the idea of combining Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow into a single movie. First, too much would need to be left out of it. Second, focusing so much on two protagonists would be a tad disorienting in a single movie. Third, it’d be difficult to capture Bean’s logic thought processes. How would it be done without relying on cheesy ‘audio-thoughts’? It would be easier to pull off Ender’s emotional anguish in film.

    Other than that, my main hope is that flashy sci-fi isn’t the focus of the movie, as in my opinion, it was never the focus of the book, which is largely about dealing with quandaries of perspective.

    • Yeah Kev, best comment so far. I think you nailed it regarding how they’re going to cover “in-mind” monologues and logistical breakdowns — it is just going to be really, really hard.

      Like I said in my article, “the fun of the novel comes from a nerdy place where brilliant students explain battle strategies and logical deductions in complicated scenarios” How that translates to the screen boggles my mind.

      I also agree it shouldn’t be one movie. It should be two, like The Hobbit

  • Don

    I like the blog but I don’t like your assertion that you are a moron if you don’t believe in evolution. I would be willing to bet that Orson Scott Card doesn’t believe in evolution and you think he is brilliant.

    It is a theory. Get over it as fact.

  • Anonymous

    That’s weird about Avatar because I’m one of the few people who think that (without the 3-D) the CG effects actually look a little cartoonish and aren’t very effective.

    I don’t think it would ever look “better” than Avatar because Cameron is on the front line of special effects and the studio put around 300 million dollars into it.

    I am, however, a huge fan of CG and I don’t think Ender’s Game or any sci-fi movies would be possible without it. They just have to keep the effects organic…which they won’t — the kids are going to look like Polar Express Characters.


  • Morris Patman

    I believe Ender’s Game is a very good book and I hope that if anyone ever makes a movie that it will be kept true to the storyline. Even if the movie has to be made with computer generated technology; that it is made as well or better than Avatar. The movie Avatar was good, but with better technology and people with the tallent for using the technology, future movies could be even better.

  • Anonymous

    I remember reading in ORC’s blog several years ago that Hollywood was having trouble envisioning the film. He decided the movie should combine Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow. Once he did this, Hollywood types were able to see it as a buddy movie.

    I’d expect to see it stretched out over two or three movies and to focus on Ender and Bean’s relationship.

    • That’s awesome. I don’t think two novels should be three movies…but definitely two.

      The “buddy” movie would be so awesome. That is what I always loved about the series. We’ll see. Keep the comments coming.

  • Ally

    It can’t be any worse than the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie. I plan to just go watch it with very low expectations.

  • Anonymous

    They should make the movie using Motioncapture,i think a newcomer would be good but who knows what summit will do.

    • Yeah, I get what you mean, but I really want a live-action movie for some reason. I’ve waited most my life for an Ender’s Game movie, I’d rather have a live-action movie than cartoon/CGI movie.

  • Anonymous

    I think the worst movie adaptation of a book is Battlefield Earth. Best book ever , worst movie ever.

    • I love science fiction and actually just watched Battlefield Earth for the first time. I’ve never read the book but i certainly don’t think the movie is as bad as everyone says it is.

      It is really stupid, yes. But is just as good, therefore bad, as any show on the science fiction channel.

  • Anonymous

    I am also nervous . . . that a GREAT book will become another subpar movie. Such as with “Starship Troopers” . . . a genuine classic novel, in my opinion the worst ever movie adaptation of a book. The story told on film has nothing to do with the story told by the book. Nothing.

    • For some reason I actually like Starship Troopers. I pretend it has nothing to do with the book. Hopefully I won’t have to do that with Ender’s Game.

    • T 2 the J

      Hello all,
      As far as the movie goes, I would love to see a live-action movie, but feel that something more along the lines of polar express and mars needs mom will give the story a brouder range for the more extreme parts of the books. I say books becuase I do think that to get the full picture of the story into a movie form, we will need to see things from a multi-perspective stand point. All though there is no great way to make this into a well thought out movie, I think that Card is a great enough author not to just turn the rights over to somebody else, he will not let his works go to the dogs!

      I cannot say that I could wrap my mind around the Ender sequals, though I was young and still learning to fully understand the concept behind reading and appreaciating what a noval truly offers a reader. I do plan to get into them soon though. I did read Exile, and all of the shadow books out to date, waiting for flight and Alive to be released. I thoughly enjoyed the shadow series. So much so that I am currently re-reading them again.

    • T 2 the J

      I did not read starship troopers, But I do know that most of what was in the movie took place durring one chapter in it. I have had a few friends and family that have felt as you did. But I have always been one to try and take a step back from my prospectives and try to see a movie for what it is, not what it was supossed to be. lol It was an ok movie, the sequals all SUCKED! Battilfield Earth in my opinion was a great movie, again did not read the book, but the movie was well played out with decent actors and a good story line!

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