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Top Fifteen Movie moments 15. Babel – Ending

This ending plays out using music as the centerpiece. I’ve heard it endlessly argued that no father would react that way to seeing his daughter naked on a balcony. But if you’re wife had shot herself in the head, you might not have the knee jerk reaction everyone seems to think is natural.

14. Kill Bill vol.1 – Chapter three: The Origin Of O-Ren

Kill Bill: Volume 1 is my favorite Tarantino movie. I think Django Unchained is better, but Kill Bill: Volume 1 is just pure awesomeness. O-Ren’s

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Underground Film Review Episode 35. Top five undeserving top-grossing movies.

Top five undeserving top-grossing movies from the top 500 grossing movies. (Not adjusted for inflation)

Movies discussed:

Top five undeserving top-grossing movies.

– Bonnie and Clyde

- Kickass 2

- 12 years a slave

- Shame

- The Hunt

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Blue is the Warmest Color Impressions


Blue is the Warmest Color is a three hour journey through the life of a french lesbian. Sound boring? Well, it isn’t somehow. It delves so deeply into the lives of its character that all the situations become universal.

Almost every person who’s seen it comments on how formulaic it is, but I don’t think it set out to answer any questions or break any ground. Its whole purpose is to follow a love story with such focus that even heterosexual men can find

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Act of Killing Review and Impressions:

act of killing


I went over to a screening and Q/A of Act of Killing and was pretty blown away by the new documentary. It follows a few central figures in a genocide that occurred in Indonesia in 1965. What is a fascinating about these men is they show no shame in the rape and murder they committed. They’re still celebrated as war heroes by the modern government and discuss their atrocities in detail.

What is truly unique is the perpetrators are

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 Pacific Rim Review and Impressions:


Pacfic Rim


Pacific Rim isn’t the triumph I hoped it’d be, but it is fucking incredible. I’m not saying I’m down on it, but it WAS my most anticipated movie of the year and it wasn’t perfect.

Guillermo del Toro is probably the most creative and visionary director alive right now and he’s made something fanboys can really love and cheer for. Is Man of Steel better? Probably. But Rim has an infectious playfulness. It knows what it’s doing is fun and silly.

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